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Walker’s Point

Walker’s Point is a diverse neighborhood known for its nightlife scene, which includes LGBT bars and Latin clubs. Craft breweries and distilleries with on-site bars and taprooms are housed in industrial spaces, while the restaurant scene includes plenty of Mexican eateries, trendy American bistros and locavore brunch spots. The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is a city icon, featuring a large 4-sided clock. There is often little distinction between the areas know as the 5th ward, Harbor View and Walker’s Point. However, research into Milwaukee neighborhoods indicates that the eastern border of Walker’s Point is South 1st Street and that the land east of there and down to the Kinnickinnic River as it forms an “S” through the South Side was oft called the “Inner Harbor” and is technically now called “Harbor View.” Although largely comprised of single family homes and duplexes, a crown jewel of luxury condo living, The Point on the River, also calls Walker’s Point home.

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