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Shorewood is a unique and pedestrian-friendly urban village styled in the European tradition. It was the first suburb established north of the city of Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan – bordered by Lake Michigan on the east, the Milwaukee River on the west, and the Village of Whitefish Bay to the north. The village was originally incorporated in 1900 as the Village of East Milwaukee, making Shorewood the fourth oldest suburb in the Milwaukee area. The name of the Village was changed to Shorewood in 1917. Along with Shorewood’s fine reputation as a vibrant, walkable community, Shorewood is often represented as having one of the higher property tax rates. However, there are many other important factors that have an impact on the costs of living in the community. Shorewood’s scenic location along the lakeshore and convenience to downtown Milwaukee are among it’s most attractive assets. From a commuter standpoint, you can be downtown at work or enjoying dinner or a Milwaukee Bucks game in just minutes. Shorewood also has the lowest commuting costs in the communities surveyed. With the cost of fuel constantly on the rise, this is a significant consideration. And for families with more than one commuter to downtown, the cost rises, along with a loss of time from one’s daily schedule.

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