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15 Miles North of Milwaukee, stretching East from Wausaukee Rd all the way to Lake Michigan, sits Mequon; the largest city in Ozaukee County and the 3rd largest city in Wisconsin. When the first white settlers arrived in the 1830s, the Mequon area was inhabited by the Menominee, Potawatomi, and Sauk people. In the 1840s, German immigrants settled in the community, building farms and hydro-powered mills along the Milwaukee River. Much of the community remained rural in the early 20th century,  but experienced significant population growth during the suburbanization that followed World War II. The community incorporated as a city in 1957 to avoid annexation by the City of Milwaukee. Despite being a city, much of Mequon remains rural, even today, and nearly half the community is undeveloped. With natural highlights such as the Mequon Nature Preserve and a large portion of the Milwaukee River running down the center, Mequon provides acreage and privacy for those seeking a respite from City living.

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